Why do you need to set up an account?

Your designs can be downloaded from your account anytime. There is no limit to the number of downloads. If you ever have a hard disk crash and lose all of your designs your account is safe here. We even back-up our data daily so you will always have access to the designs you purchase here.

Please fill out your account information honestly. Do not submit false information or gibberish as this is your registration for the privilege to use my files. Accounts that use false information will be deleted, all purchases will be lost and the IP address used will be blocked as spam. Know that I will not use the information to send emails or spam.

Sales and Coupons

I often share free designs for my facebook group members exclusively. They will be made available to download free from this site via a special coupon so the customer may keep all items purchased available in their account.


I am a firm believer in the copyright system and will not digitize or produce trademarked items for sale. Please don’t ask me to do them. Please respect that my items are copyright protected and cannot be altered, shared, sold or reproduced in any way with the exception that you may make one copy for personal back up reasons only. This also applies to items that are free. Do not share these files with your friends. Instead give them a link to this site or to the facebook group page where they can register and download the product themselves.


I do not offer refunds on digital products. If by some chance you have a problem with a file try to re-download it. Sometimes there is an error in saving the file. If that doesn’t work please contact me and I will do all I can to get the file workable for your machine.

Support Small Businesses

I am a small business person. Sales from this site and local craft shows help to put food on our family table. Please respect that and help support local and independent artists, designers, and crafters with your purchases.

“When you buy from an independent artist you are buying more than just a painting or a novel or a song. You are buying hundreds of hours of experimentation and thousands of failures. You are buying days, weeks, months, years of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are buying nights of worrying about paying the rent, having enough money to eat, having enough money to feed the children, the birds, the dog. You aren’t just buying a thing, you are buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a private moment in someone’s life. Most importantly, you are buying that artist more time to do something they are truly passionate about; something that makes all of the above worth the fear and doubt; something that puts the life into the living.” — Rebekah Joy Plett

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