Nativity Set #23 Empty Manger Applique Embroidery Design


The Nativity Set #23 Empty Manger Applique Embroidery Design is the twenty-third piece in our Nativity Set Series and was added to the set in 2018. It is not part of the original set and not included in the full set purchase. It was added by request for those who decorate their nativity set with the manger empty then add the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. This manger is exactly the same as the one with Baby Jesus but does not include the baby. When finished the whole set of characters will coordinate together to make a banner, tree skirt, table runner or similar item. The feltie versions can be used for tree ornaments or felt board play sets.

For those who want to make an entire set in the same scale use the letters A-B-C-D as a base for the coordinating sizes and use all of the same letter to match the scale. There are some designs that have additional sizes available that may not be marked with a letter and are included as a bonus.


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will fit the following hoops: [4 x 4] [5 x 7] [6 x 10] [8 x 12] or larger

A: 4 x 4
3.02 x 1.41 inches, 76.6 x 35.7 mm

A: 4 x 4 feltie**
3.13 x 1.43 inches, 79.6 x 36.3 mm

B: 5 x 7
4.91 x 2.24 inches, 124.8 x 56.8 mm

B: 5 x 7 feltie**
4.95 x 2.26 inches, 125.8 x 57.5 mm

C: 6 x 10
7.07 x 3.19 inches, 179.7 x 80.9 mm

D: 8 x 8
7.77 x 3.52 inches, 197.4 x 89.3 mm

Minimum Thread Colors: 2
Recommended Thread Colors: 2
Recommended Fabrics: 2
*Stitch Counts and Layouts may vary slightly with the different sizes and formats.
**The Feltie version uses the bean stitch instead of the satin stitch as the outline for making this design out of felt. There is a placement stitch that you should do first on the stabilizer. This is where you should place your base felt. Before each piece of “applique” there will be a placement stitch, to show where to place the fabric followed by a triple bean stitch, to tack it down. Trim the fabric close without cutting the stitches. The final outline stitch should be done after you place another piece of felt on the back of the hoop to cover all of your stitches. The final outline stitch is done in 2 pieces for if you want to stuff the design to make an ornament and hand stitch it closed or you can continue the very last piece to make it a felt design.

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Any clipart used to create this design has been used under license as required and/or permission from the original artist. All designs have been digitized by Kris Rhoades. Sample stitchout photos created in testing may be slightly different than the finished product. Please see the computer generated photos for the actual finished product.

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This design is available for instant download in the following formats: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3, XXX and in the sizes specified above. If you need a size or format that is not shown feel free to ask and we will try to accommodate you.

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You may use the product images shown above on your website, facebook, etsy, or printed catalog as long as the copyright watermark remains in tact. You may not use any images that are included in customer reviews without that customer’s permission. You may use this design to produce a product for personal use, gift or small business use including sales at craft shows, fairs, etsy, facebook and your website. This design is not intended for mass production. You may NOT lend, share, give or sell the actual digital image file in any way as that is an infringement of the copyright laws and punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. All designs and images on this website are copyright protected, ©Kris Rhoades.

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This is a digital embroidery file, not a patch. You must have an embroidery machine to use these files and a method of transferring the file to your machine. Please use the design files as they are. There is no guarantee of the quality of the design if you alter, resize or reformat the design in any way. Due to the digital nature of the products, refunds will not be issued. Please be sure to check the design fits in your hoop size before purchasing. All designs have been tested on various machines in various formats before uploading to this site. In the slight chance you have a problem with a file, please contact me and I will do my best to help you get it working even though I do not offer support for computers, embroidery machines or software.



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